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  • What’s difference between coconut shell activated carbon and bamboo charcoal?
    The key difference is the micro porous surface area. Bamboo charcoal has bigger cavities up to 60 um. Coconut shell activated carbon has not only the bigger cavities, but also lots of micro small cavities as well. The small holes help to absorb the tiny particles in the air, and therefore, the more holes, the better the result.      
  • What’s difference between activated carbon and carbon?
    Both are derived from carbon. Activated carbon is much more porous than carbon — this means more surface area. Because of its larger surface area, activated carbon’s ability to filter out more than carbon makes it a wiser choice in many more applications.    
  • What’s activated carbon?
    Activated Carbon is a highly porous form of a natural, biodegradable carbon manufactured from carbonaceous raw materials such as coconut shell, coal, bamboo, wood etc. It’s widely used in water filtration process, odor removal products, medicines that selectively remove toxins, color and chemical purification processes. Activated carbon has unmatchable absorption and retentive capabilities – One gram of carbon has a pore surface area of 800 – 2500 m2 (area of 2 – 10 tennis courts) and this massive surface area gives it an exceptional ability to absorb gases and liquids onto its surface. Link: WIKIPEDIA.          
  • Why did we choose coconut shell activated carbon for Coco natural air fresheners?
    Firstly, the performance. Due to its high degree of microporosity, coconut shell activated carbon has much higher surface areas. Second, due to their high carbon content and hardness, coconut shells are an excellent raw material source to produce activated carbon. The ash rate is significantly lower than other kinds of activated carbon or charcoal. Third, its density is much higher than wood and bamboo charcoals. The higher density means a smaller package size, take less space, and better performance. The last reason is activated carbons that are produced using coconut shells as the raw material is a green resource from fast-growing plants.    
  • What is the difference between coconut shell and bamboo activated carbon?
    The major difference in various activated carbons is their surface areas. Coconut shell activated carbon has a surface area of 1450 m2/g, and bamboo activated carbon has a surface area of 600 m2/g. That says coconut shell activated carbon works better than bamboo activated carbon for air and vapor applications, because coconut shell activated carbon has greater surface areas.  
  • Can the coconut shell activated carbon be recycled?
    Absolutely! Coconut shell activated carbon is 100% natural. Remarkably, at the end of its lifespan, the coconut shell charcoal pieces from the product can be mixed with gardening soil. Charcoal pieces deter pests and absorb excessive moisture in the soil (ideal for delicate plants such as orchid).      
  • What happens if I accidentally get the container wet?
      It is not permanently damaged. Simply take the bag out of the container and place it in the sun to let it dry out. Once it’s dry, the activated carbon will begin to work again.  
  • Is Coco Natural Air Freshener safe around pets?
    Yes! The Coco Natural Air Freshener contains one ingredient only – coconut shell activated carbon – which has no chemicals or toxins, making it safe to use around pets and children.
  • How long will Coco Natural Air Freshener last?
    Coco Natural Air Freshener will last at least one year with proper care.
  • What is the best size Coco Natural Air Freshener for my space?
      Coco Natural Air Freshener is available in three different sizes, to best fit your needs. For optimal results, position Coco Natural Air Freshener in the appropriate area for the container’s size/purpose. *150g Coco Natural Air Freshener: Covers up to 55 square feet, which is great for small contained areas like gym bags, cabinet, lockers, laundry bags, trash bins, luggage, refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, etc. *250g Coco Natural Air Freshener: Covers up to 95 square feet and is excellent for small spaces including closets, bathrooms, nursery rooms, laundry rooms, pet areas, cars and boats. *450g Coco Natural Air Freshener: Covers up to 175 square feet, making it perfect for larger areas such as kitchens, living areas, bedrooms and offices. Tip: Place in newly remodeled rooms to reduce unpleasant odors and toxins!    
  • How long does it take for Coco to work?
    It should begin working immediately after you open the package. For best results, we suggest you to place Coco outside under direct sunlight at least one hour to reactivate before use. In just a few days, you will notice major improvements. Within a week, odors will be completely neutralized.
  • Why use Coco Natural Air Freshener?
      Many conventional air fresheners contain dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, petrochemicals, p-dichlorobenzene and aerosol pollutants. We created Coco Natural Air Freshener as a safe and natural alternative.  
  • What types of odors and pollutants does Coco Natural Air Freshener absorb?
      Coco Natural Air Freshener absorbs unpleasant odors such as smoke, pet smells, paint and mustiness. It also absorbs pollutants and radon. Coconut shell activated carbon has been scientifically proven to reduce harmful chemicals including formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and chloroform gases emitted from such items as paint, carpeting, furniture, chemical cleaners, rubber and plastic.  
  • How is coconut shell activated carbon made?
    Raw material coconut shells are first charred at the coconut grower or at a centralized facility designed to produce char. Activated carbon manufacturers then purchase the char and activate it at elevated temperatures and using steam in a kiln or furnace, similar to the process for coal-based activated carbons. The final product is screened to a variety of mesh sizes for both vapor phase and liquid phase applications.
  • What is Coco Natural Air Freshener?
    Coco Natural Air Freshener is a natural, non-toxic, fragrance free and extremely effective air freshener which is made of 100% premium coconut shell activated carbon. This incredible natural product absorbs unpleasant odors, removes the pollutants and harmful chemicals at home, as well as dehumidifies the air to control moisture, prevent bacteria, mold and mildew.