Is my refrigerator clean?

Is my refrigerator clean?

Of course we’ll say that the refrigerator is clean, but how do we explain that unbearable odor that fills the kitchen the moment the fridge door gets opened? The conclusion could be that our fridge isn’t that clean at all, even if we always wipe out the spills and try to throw away food that is expired; it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily clean. Does the odor in your fridge make it unpleasant to breathe, the moment you want to grab those vegetables from the lowest shelf? Or does your milk expire before it has reached the expiring date?

Well then, there are some very easy steps to take to keep your fridge clean, your food fresh and your air odor free. First and foremost, refrigerators need to be cleaned from the inside out. You want to make sure that every part of it looks as new as when you first bought it. Don’t be sad if it doesn’t shine as before, sometimes colours just fade over time. Since your fridge is subject to spills, overcrowding and varied odors, the shelves have to be washed down from anything that sticks to it. To do so, take all your food out of the fridge and create an empty space inside to survey the damage. If you take out all your food anyways, you might as well inspect all the products and throw away any aged, moldy or inedible food. Note that while you’re doing this, your fridge is still turned on with its door closed. After you’ve inspected your food, it is time to take out any shelving, drawers or other removable parts from your fridge to clean! You could keep the shelves in there when cleaning them, but I can assure you that it is much more pleasant to take them out for the cleaning part. Please wash the parts that you took out by hand, because most of the shelves either won’t fit or shouldn’t be placed in a dishwasher. Use a good brush or sponge together with warm water and soap. The soap can be any kind of which you think is appropriate for the job.

Keep in mind that you should never wash a cold glass shelf with hot water, as the temperature change could shatter the glass. Instead, use cold water or let the shelf come up to room temperature. To clean the inside and door of your fridge you probably don’t want to use a chemical cleaner or soap, as food will absorb the smell. Rather use warm water with a bit of baking soda or vinegar. Don’t forget to clean the handle of the fridge and to dry off all the shelves before putting them back into place.

Now your fridge is clean, it promises to keep your food fresher. The next step is to keep your fridge smell fresh. Some people use a cup of baking soda, vinegar, lavender, cotton balls, lemons, salt, tomato juice or vanilla extract to fight a fridge odor. But, those solutions have to be replaced frequently and some of them don’t even work.

Our remedy is Coco Natural Air Freshener that can be placed anywhere in your fridge and it will constantly work to absorb any unwanted odors. After you’ve cleaned your precious hardworking fridge, you want to remain this fresh smell as long as possible, right? Yet, Coco won’t be a replacement for the required cleaning every now and then, but it will keep your fridge smell fresh with the proper care.