“Indoor chemical pollution”

After introducing the working powers of Coco Natural Air Freshener, we want to give you more insight in why we shouldn’t use air freshener sprays. Next to the fact that some people may have allergic reactions to the content of aerosol sprays, there are just healthier solutions to freshen up the air that you breathe. The basic knowledge of aerosol sprays is that the scent of a spray covers and overpowers odors by releasing chemical particles into the air, which is exactly the harmful part. Other widely used air fresheners include plug-ins, sticks, mists, scented candles, carpet cleaners and even scented stones. But, none of these chemically-scented fragrances really create an indoor environment of fresh air, does it? Releasing toxins in the air is not an improvement of the quality of the air but instead can be the cause of ailments like headaches, high pulse rate and nausea. Coco Natural Air Freshener is focused on absorbing odors and other contaminants without the use of harmful ingredients. Coco releases zero chemicals into the air and is therefore the safest air freshener for users with asthma and allergies, which is also the topic for our next blog post. Enjoy fresh indoor air!   Fragrance Free