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What our customer said about Coco

  • “Used this in a variety of places, home and car...eliminated mildew smell and other strong odors – HIGHLY recommend it – and it looks elegant too!”
  • “Thanks for bringing this wonderful product to the world! My apartment is in the best shape it has ever been because of Coco. This is a fantastic product!”    
  • “I am very impressed with this product…When we bought a house recently we inherited a very odd smell in one of the rooms. No amount of cleaning or shampooing of carpets seemed to help. Two days with this Coco Natural Air Freshener and it was gone completely.”
  • "Finally, an air freshener that is not only eco-friendly, but it really works!  I love the sleek design that blends into any location and the fact that it is fragrance free makes it practically invisible.  This regenerable air freshener is a must have.  Thank you for developing an ingenious product!"
  • “I opened up the package, put the container on my dresser, and closed my bedroom door. I went back in there a few hours later, and it smelled completely neutral. I couldn't even smell the air freshener I had originally placed in cleaned the air of ALL SMELLS. It's awesome! I put one in my daughter’s room, one in my son's room, one in our bedroom, and one in the kitchen. This house smells so much better! We live on Laughlin AFB where it is super humid and the base housing doesn't really provide great airflow. The house smelled musty and matter what I tried. This product is awesome and well worth the money. LOVE IT.”
  • “This product is amazing. I just stick it in my gym bag and come back to an absolutely odorless bag, even after forgetting it in the car with damp clothes over a weekend. It also keeps my running shoes smelling fresh...”